Pour la Pomme: what's it all about?

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Pour la Pomme celebrates independent designers and small producers who create bags that are more special and unique than are found in mass market stores.

The name originates from a tongue in cheek New York Times article, published in 1945, where the writer Anita Daniel claimed that the notion of men being superior to women was entirely based on the fact that men do not need to carry handbags. The luxury of having several pockets in their clothing meant that men could carry all their necessities on them while women couldn't possibly endanger their slimline silhouettes with bulging pockets making handbags essential for women.

According to the article, buying handbags for women was a way for men to fuel the dependency and their own superiority - remember, it was 1945. Daniel jokes that 'the first thing Adam purchased for Eve was a handbag. It was his sweet revenge for the apple." And hence the name, Pour la Pomme. 'For the apple' just doesn't have the same ring to it, because, doesn't everything sound nicer in French?

It seems that even since the 40's, women have had a passion for handbags and were reliant on them to cart their lives around. The creation of 'It bags' may be a thing of recent times but not everyone wants to be a walking billboard for a bag where everyone knows the brand, how much it's worth and what season it's from! 
In this blog, I will share my discoveries of brands and independent designers I think are interesting, shops and things from places I find on my travels, and maybe sometimes the occasional idea and inspiration for travelling better.
Hope you enjoy! 

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