5 signs of a good quality handbag

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You do not need to spends hundreds of pounds to get a well-crafted handbag. However, there are a few things to look out for to ensure your handbag is going to last. Be aware that even well-known and expensive brands do not always produce great quality so be sure to scrutinise them all!
1. Leather
A handbag made from good quality leather will feel supple and have a true leathery smell. There’s a lot of faux leather that imitates really well these days which is great if you are not looking to buy the real thing. Anything that feels stiff, plasticy and smells of chemicals will not be real leather. The advantage of buying real leather is it’s durability and strength and its ability to wear and age well (as long as it’s looked after!)
2. Stitching
Check stitching to ensure there are no loose or stray threads. A well made bag will have nice even stitching, especially around corners which are trickier to sew. Stress points in the bag such as handles and straps and functional closures should be reinforced neatly (unless there are rivets doing that job).
3. Zips, hardware and fittings
Good quality zips will glide smoothly and the teeth will not be rough - top quality brands include YKK and Riri. Quality components are a sign of a good quality bag. Test components by opening and closing them, checking zips glide smoothly and don't catch on lining etc. Any other hardware such as D-rings and rivets used should be appropriate for the size of the bag (ie. not to small or flimsy). If the handbag has feet, check the corresponding point inside where the feet are to ensure the lining has been reinforced and the feet won’t end up poking through into the bag.
4. Interior
Check for a lining that is going to wear well over time and not too thin. It should be securely attached and not have any bunching or be loose. Check for loose or stray threads. All pockets should be securely attached and neatly finished.
5. Finishing
Finishing the edges of leather handbags is time consuming and usually done by hand so it is a sign of craftsmanship when edges are polished nicely, showing attention to detail and alluding to the bag’s overall quality. 

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