Spotlight on... Hard Graft - Ocean hold all

Posted on May 08, 2013 by Rachel Kwei | 0 comments

I've become a bit of an enthusiast about this brand since discovering it over a year ago. The brand story has really resonated with me. Hard Graft products are about a juxtaposition of wool and leather materials of the highest quality. A laptop sleeve was the first product produces and the founders realised they were creating a new approach to technology accessories - creating a juxtaposition between the fast pace of technology and it's planned obsoletion alongside the enduring qualities of wool and leather, the Italian craftsmanship and the product design itself. I love the idea that they summarise as 'hold on to the good' - looking backwards for inspiration to create some old world charm and craft married with a design aesthetic that's new and fresh with small details that are different but functional.

Please visit their website the design of which, like their products, has a different twist to what everyone else does. On my recent visit to the Hard Graft website, I fell in love with this new travel bag which is made from leather and waxed cotton canvas. Just beautiful.
Square Holdall in ocean £486

Hard Graft holdall in ocean

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