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Posted on July 08, 2014 by Rachel Kwei | 0 comments

The Ikea Frakta bag - the blue bag you get at checkout - has always worked hard in our household. It's perfect for throwing so much stuff in whether it be for a road trip, going camping or kid's stuff for an overnight stay. The blue bag is not very stylish or the best looking bag but this is a situation where function has won over form. So I was truly delighted when, on a trip to Barwon Heads near Melbourne, I came across bags from Project Ten
Producing a much better looking version, Project Ten's range consists of two tote sizes, medium and oversize, with the oversize being approximately the same as the Frakta. There's also a Shopper which is an insulated bag with a zip flap, perfect for picnics or carrying groceries that need to be kept cold. I've been lugging swimming gear for two kids and two adults comfortably in the medium.
Nautical oversize tote

Hot pink aztec oversize tote
Medium totes in blue zebra + green Greek key

Insulated shopper tote

I'm a bit surprised that I haven't ever seen anyone recreating this Ikea gem before... or am I the only one who thinks they are so useful?

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