Pour La Pomme is where you will find a carefully curated range of handbags from independent designers and makers. There is a selection of timeless and carefully crafted pieces, more unique than the high street and without a luxury price tag. We are deliberately not about the latest 'it' bag and we don't slavishly follow trends. We prefer a quieter style of bag, but one that speaks volumes in design, quality and utility. Something you will have for a long time, and use day to day, from season to season.

The size guide and videos on some of the handbag detail pages all try to give you the best sense of what each item is actually like - a sense of scale and fit, the types of things you will be able to carry in it and what it will look like when it's loaded up with all your essentials.

From time to time, you might see that we are out of stock of particular pieces. Independent designers and smaller producers generally tend to make smaller quantities - adding to the unique nature of the product - so if you see something here that you like but were out of stock, be sure to leave your us email address and well let you know when its available or have sourced something similar.
And if you are having trouble finding a bag based on a set of very specific criteria (eg. can carry a laptop and be a work bag but turn into a mini clutch for evening functions :-o) send me an email, I just might know who makes one! Oh, and if you are interested in the story behind the name, you can read about it in our blog.
For anyone who wants to be in touch hello(at)pourlapomme.com is the best way to be in contact.
Thanks for stopping by!
Founder - Pour La Pomme