Size Guide

One of the most important things about a handbag is its size. How much you can fit in it, how versatile it is. So we've categorised all the bags in our range by either mini, small, medium or large to help narrow down the field a little. 
Mini - Will fit the bare minimum you need for a night out or when you just want to take your essentials like a few cards, some cash, lipstick/balm, tissues, a key and your phone.
Small - Will more comfortably fit your essentials - your phone, keys, tissues, a pen etc but would also fit a wallet, comb/brush, a Kindle or mini tablet.
Medium - Like a small bag, all your essentials will fit in, but you will also be able to fit a bottle of water, a small umbrella, and a larger size tablet so all you need to do is decide what combination of things you need to take.
Large - This is the ultimate work horse! Perfect for larger items, you will be able to fit at least a small laptop, magazines, A4 papers/files, large wallet, larger size brolly, bottle of water, glasses/sunglasses, shoes, a change of clothes - you name it.